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Uniaudit has more than forty years of experience in the auditing sector.

Uniaudit leadership is responsible for encouraging maximum commitment to providing quality audit services and consistently conveys the message that performing quality audit services is our priority.

All our professionals know that they are responsible for the quality of their work. Quality is in fact a key element for the evaluation of our professionals. We understand that providing quality audit services involves acting with independence and integrity. These points are an integral part of our culture of values.

At Uniaudit, we are committed to conducting the reviews independently, objectively and with professional skepticism. Our aim is to serve the public interest, by promoting transparency and enhancing stakeholder trust. Our quality control system – subject to periodic reviews by the competent external authorities – is constantly optimized, to best address risks.

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Our methodology and our investment in innovation

Uniaudit adopts a proprietary methodology and approach based on the ISA.

Our audit services are conducted according to a risk-based approach, aimed at supporting audit teams in identifying risks of material misstatement, regarding the financial statements. This approach is based on an in-depth understanding of the company and its environment, of the individual balance sheet accounts, of the operations conducted by the company and of the risks associated with them, in order to focus the audit work on the riskiest areas.

The Approach is supported by an IT tool that allows us to organize the information collected from the preliminary stages of our work and guides the audit team during the steps of the audit, so as to make the workflow coherent, efficient and targeted. Specific additional tools are available to our auditors for carrying out precise checks in the various phases of the audit.

We are constantly engaged in improving our methodology to allow us to keep pace with technological developments in our industry and our customers.

Cooperatives Audit

With a wealth of expertise in auditing and certifying financial statements within the Cooperative sector, Uniaudit stands as a seasoned authority.

Our partnerships with key Cooperative Centers empower us to certify cooperative financial statements in strict accordance with the guidelines outlined in article 15 of law 59/1992. We meticulously adhere to both legal mandates and the cooperative statutes, ensuring compliance while honoring the stipulations set forth in our agreements.

Specializing in cooperatives and their consortia, our tailored services guarantee sector-specific precision, efficiency, and substantial value addition for our clients. We are committed to delivering high-quality services that optimize results while prioritizing cost-effectiveness.

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revisione legale e contabile

Our main services

We are able to provide the following services: