Assurance Services

Quality and integrity

Ethics, professionalism, quality and integrity for the trust of stakeholders.

An integrated set of Auditing & Assurance services, in constant evolution and innovation, which allows companies to respond to the information needs of the market and investors.

The Assurance Services together with the Legal and Accounting Audit strengthen the transparency and credibility of both financial and non-financial information provided by companies and represent an element of qualified communication towards stakeholders, members, shareholders, customers, suppliers, investors and regulatory authorities.

Uniaudit provides high quality services promoting trust in businesses and capital markets.

The services offered by Uniaudit are characterized by high quality, independence, integrity and objectivity and constitute a lever to facilitate economic growth, to strengthen trust in businesses and in the capital market.

Uniaudit offers its services above all to small-medium enterprises and cooperative companies that see Assurance Services as an opportunity for transparency, competitiveness and managerial growth.

Assurance Services
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