IT security management solutions

We offer services that help organizations prevent cyber attacks and protect sensitive assets.

In an interconnected scenario, such as the current one, each system is exposed to subjects who aim, for economic or exclusively personal purposes, to take possession of the systems or make them unusable.

Cybercrimes are continuously growing in the world, becoming the cause of 80% of serious cyber attacks. This potential danger affects all corporate entities, from the most structured to the smallest ones.

Every IT system can present a series of vulnerabilities, inherent in its architecture or caused by any anomalies or “bugs” which, if appropriately exploited, compromise its level of security.

Knowledge of vulnerabilities provides the elements necessary to prepare an adequate security plan.

Uniaudit supports companies in tackling the problem and raising the level of IT security with a structured governance approach, policies, training and actions to be adopted during cyber attacks.

In order to respond to the market’s ever-growing demand for cybersecurity services, our professionals provide customizable security management solutions that include advanced security event monitoring, cyber threat analysis and management, and incident response management.

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The answer is Information Security, a regulation that deals with the safeguarding of data and information and is articulated by acting on three fronts: