231 Models

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Uniaudit provides services designed on the actual needs of the client, using innovative methodologies and oriented towards effective and cost-effective solutions with dedicated high-profile resources.

Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations allows companies to achieve their objectives in complete safety, preserving a good image and the trust of its stakeholders and enabling the creation of value.

The 231 organizational models represent a compliance tool, governed by Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001, following Italian law, which allow companies of any size and sector to adopt themselves with a personalized risk management and control system.

Our professionals have solid experience and skills to support companies in aligning the organizational models implemented by them with the legal requirements required by specific regulations, sector best practices, regulations and guidelines issued by the competent authorities, in order to improve the organizational structures and establish measures aimed at avoiding or reducing the application of sanctions of an economic, interdictory or reputational nature.

231 Models
Modello 231

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